lion-gorilla drama

There was a gorilla sitting on a tree by a river, when a lion came by for a cool drink. The gorilla thought to himself, How funny would it be to screw the king of the jungle in the ass?

After a moment or two, the gorilla swung into action. He grabbed the lion and started running away.

The lion got freaked and jumped into the river. He came out of the water, roaring. he was really upset.

The gorilla decided that it was a good time to be somewhere else, and took off running.He knew he had to think of something quick because he wasn't going to outrun the lion.

Just then the gorilla saw a hunter's tent and ducked inside to hide. The hunter, reading a newspaper, was startled and ran out of the tent. The gorilla decided to pretend to be the hunter, he put on the hunter's shirt and hat, and started to read the paper.

A few minutes later, the lion ran in and thinking it was the hunter reading the paper, said, Hey Buddy, did you see a gorilla run in here?

From behind the paper, The gorilla answered, "You mean the one that screwed the lion in the ass?"

Flabergasted, the lion said, "Holy s**t! It's in the papers already?"

6 May 2013