the fastest thing

4 Jamaicans were seated smoking Weed. They were all philosophising on what was the Fastest thing in the World..

NATTY: Me tink de fassis ting is a thought b'coz b4 U can tink it,it already thought..

GB: Nah man,da fasses ting is a blink b'coz b4 U tink to blink,U dun blink already!...

MANGO MAN: Naah Man!De fassis ting is electricity b'coz wen U turn on De light it travel fass and de light come down!...

LEROY: Naaaah Man! U is aaaaaaalll wrong man!!! Me know for a Fact Dat de fassis ting in de world most definitely b Diarrhoea,coz last nite b4 me Dun TINK,BLINK OR SWITCH ON DE LIGHT,ME DUN SHIT UP MESELF ALREADY!!

28 Mar 2013